Sunday, 17 August 2014

Be As Beautiful As Your Favourite Star!

The Secret: A Skilful Make-up

Picture yourself so charming - so beautiful- so popular. A skilful make-up will do wonders for you, Hollywood Stars require expensive equipment and correct illumination to secure a faultless make-up, yet you can enjoy these Hollywood facilities in your own home, at little cost, with the new HOLLYWOOD MAKE-UP MIRROR.

A modern beauty aid. Appeals to all. Has powerful electric bulb to illuminate face - no glare- no shadows. Large mirror with optical magnifying mirror attached by hinge (swings out of sight when not in use) for true line work - eye shadow- eyebrow plucking and removing facial blemishes.

Only $2.50.

-From Hollywood Magazine (Jan 1934)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Clean-O-Pore (1919)

The Clean-O-Pore, circa 1919 (author's own collection)

The Clean-O-Pore

Vacuum Massage Outfit

A few minutes' use a day will show wonderful results. Instead of pounding the sensitive skin as an electric vibrator does, this wonderful machine by its soothing SUCTION opens and cleanses the pores, creating a clear healthy skin - removing pimples and blackheads, smooths out wrinkles and sagging flesh - develops neck and bust - invigorates the scalp and clears it of dandruff. In handsome leatherette case, separate appliances for face, scalp and body massage.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Touched Up Woman, 1872

"She is a compound frequently of false hair, false teeth, padding of various kinds, paint, powder and enamel. Her face is "touched up", or painted and lined by a professional adorner of women, and she utterly destroys the health of her skin by her foolish use of cosmetics… So common has the habit of resorting to these things become, that it is hard to say whether the average woman of fashion is a work of nature or a work of art"
 - James McCabe, 1872
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