Saturday, 7 January 2012

Revlon Sphinx Pink

Hollywood and the beauty industry have been closely tied together ever since its beginning. But the craze for Cleo in the early 1960s is something very special indeed and one of the companies who took advantage of this tie in was Revlon.

Advertising Sphinx Pink as "the look that shook the pyramids now shakes today's fashion world" Revlon introduced their lipstick and nail enamel in 1962 just ahead of the release of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor.

Described as "vividly light, bright-at-night power mad pink" it certainly looks suitably vibrant and was part of a range that included 'sphinx eye makeup'.

It also came in a sphinx doll case

And if you like this case then it is currently on sale on eBay buy it now is an eyewatering $399


  1. OMG. That packaging. That is fantastical in both senses of the word.

  2. Yes apparently loads of make up came out, and dramatic eye flicks became really popular - I don't think any of the current Hollywood leading ladies would have such a strong influence over so many women!

  3. I think Ancient Egypt holds such a power over style and ideas of beauty. * blatant plug* I have just started writing a blog on Egypt in C20 and am constantly fascinated by the amazing things that were produced that hark back to Ancient Egyptian themes.


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